10 Tips for the Perfect Destination Wedding

My top ten tips for a destination wedding will help you create an experience you’ll never forget! Use my checklist to help you and your partner think about all of the choices available for a getaway wedding. It can be a fun and magical time of preparations and excitement. 

Destination Wedding Tips from an Experienced Travel Agent

1. It’s Your Wedding

Pick the resort that is right for you. Don’t be distracted by your guests’ views. This is your wedding and it should reflect your dreams.

2. Choose Your Wedding Destination

Your destination includes both your wedding and honeymoon sites. Of the two the honeymoon is the more important, both because it is a longer time and because it is the time for the two of you to begin your married life together. So choose a destination that is perfect for your honeymoon and then design a perfect wedding to fit the same location.

3. All-inclusive Resorts are the Way to Go

It is always a good idea to choose an all-inclusive resort for your special wedding and honeymoon. You and your guests will appreciate having all expenses paid up front with no surprises during your stays. Not all all-inclusive resorts are the same so be sure to check what is and what is not included.

4. Find a Destination with Two Wonderful Resorts

Your friends and family will probably want to stay for more than just your wedding day, it’s a vacation for them too, after all! But your honeymoon is a special time for just the two of you. Putting your guests at another nearby hotel or resort keeps everyone happy. Your guests will enjoy their own time in the tropics, while you and your partner can focus on each other without distraction. 

5. Decide on a Symbolic or Civil Ceremony

Some destinations have restrictions that make it difficult to perform legal civil weddings. In that case you could get married privately at home and follow up with a symbolic wedding ceremony at your destination. Jamaica is one of the most popular Caribbean islands for legal civil ceremonies because of the accommodative regulations. Decide what is important to you and let a travel professional help with the details.

6. Consider Having Two Wedding Dresses

Ashley and Mark married at Sandals Ochi

Of course you want a formal dress for the ceremonies and pictures. This would also be the heirloom dress that could be handed down to future generations. Many brides also include a more casual, playful dress for the beach pictures to avoid staining their special dress. You could even have pictures of the two of you diving into the ocean or pool with that dress.


7. Plan Your Packing

Don’t forget to take that pair of shoes you’ve saved for the rehearsal dinner, or the color-safe hair products you may need. You’ll want to make sure you have everything you need to do your hair and makeup. The best way to remember everything is to prepare a honeymoon packing list in advance, put it aside for a few days and then review it to be sure that it’s complete. Then when the time comes to pack, use the list for a stress-free experience, confident that you will arrive with everything you need.

8. Protect Your Wedding Dress

Do not check your dress at the airline. Airlines allow you to carry your dress onto the plane and they have storage space to hang it safely in a closet. This will prevent any mishaps from letting it out of your possession.

9. Consider Value vs. Cost

This is your dream destination wedding. You should not focus on cost but on what you are getting for your money.

First choose the destination and resort that you want without thinking about cost. If the cost is more than you want to pay, there are ways to reduce it without giving up your dreams. Some ideas for how you can bring the cost down are:

  • reduce the number of days you stay,
  • lower the hotel room category,
  • change to a less expensive time of year,
  • have a less elaborate ceremony, or
  • make other changes that a travel agent could suggest.
Eileen with Derrick and Yolanda
Eileen with Derrick and Yolanda

10. Work With am Experienced Travel Professional

Find a travel agent who specializes in destination weddings and honeymoons. There is no extra cost to you and you will get guidance and recommendations to make your destination wedding exactly as you want.

“Tips are great, but I need someone to walk me through the planning process!”

Have you gone through all of our destination wedding tips but still feel overwhelmed? An experienced travel agent is your best resource for helping you plan the perfect destination wedding. Using a travel agent is like hiring a planner for your traditional wedding, only there’s no extra cost! An agent who specializes in planning destination weddings will have a wealth of information, advice and support to help you every step of the way.

I’d love to help make your wedding dreams come true. We have destination wedding packages for every budget. Reach out and we’ll create that dream together.