It’s Time for a Babymoon!


You’re a newly married couples and your marriage is the biggest event of your life.  You are now a couple, very happy together and in love with each other. And your honeymoon is something you will cherish forever as a symbol of your marriage and  wonderful memories of the beginning of your partnership.

But now your life is about to change again. You are pregnant! The two of you will soon become the three of you. A big change is coming but a wonderful change as well. Your love has created a new life and this will enrich your life immeasurably. This new member of your family will be the centerpiece of your lives and the two of you will love and cherish your child forever.

However you must make time for the two of you. Only by sustaining and nourishing your own relationship can you provide a healthy and secure environment for your child. The everyday stresses of family life and external pressures can interfere with the health of your relationship. Another reason to maintain a strong relationship between the two of you is that the time will come when your children  leave you with an empty nest. It is much easier to maintain a relationship than to rebuild one.

One way to get your new life started in the right direction is for the two of you to go on a babymoon before your new baby is born. This an increasingly popular choice for newly pregnant couples. It is the last chance you will have to be alone together, to focus entirely on the two of you and to strengthen your relationship in preparation for your new family life. I recently spent some time at Sandals La Toc in St Lucia and saw two couples celebrating their baby moons.

The best way to prepare for your babymoon is to consider it as a second honeymoon. It is after all a special time for the two of you – to mark the beginning of a new phase of your relationship and to prepare you for the changes in the years ahead. It should be given the same importance and preparation as you gave to your honeymoon. It is of no less importance than that occasion.