BuddyMoons – The latest trend in weddings!

Vacation with your closest friends and family with a Buddymoon

Lately I have found that some of my honeymoons are turning into buddymoons!

Many couples want to spend extra time with their special friends after their wedding, and buddymoons are the ideal way to do that. This can happen no matter what type of wedding you have.

Destination Wedding Extended!

These guests are already at the resort, so it’s easy to invite their closest friends and family members to stay some extra time.

Local Weddings with a Tropical Honeymoon

With a local wedding, there is just not enough time to spend with those most dear to you and it is difficult to pay attention to all your guests. Inviting special guests to stay longer makes the whole experience more memorable.

How long do guests stay?

That is up to you. Many travel for part of the honeymoon, some stay for the entire duration.

How can I help as a travel agent?

I will work with the group and the resort you have selected to organize the wedding and honeymoon, according to your desires.

I will arrange for any specific events for your group, such as a private dinner for everyone, or a catamaran cruise, or a snorkeling trip, or perhaps a local sightseeing tour off the resort. There are many other available options!

I visit these resorts often and have great relationships in place to help coordinate anything you would like to do.

How it works

When couples suggest a Buddymoon they are often surprised at how many of their friends want to join them. Often their closest friends are at the same point in their careers, they have bought their homes, and this may be a last hurrah before starting their families.

It can even be a babymoon for some, that last major trip before parenthood, where couples can spend time with one another.

Many traditions are changing in 2024, whether it is a honeymoon, buddymoon or babymoon, there are new options to make your celebration even more significant!