Download Honeymoon Planning Checklist

Get organized and stay on schedule with our handy honeymoon planning checklist!

Congratulations, you’re getting married!! There may be a lot of planning ahead of you, but the light at the end of the tunnel is your dream wedding and honeymoon. If you’re not a planner or aren’t super organized, you’ve come to the right place. Many people may find planning a big trip like your honeymoon daunting. We have developed a honeymoon planning checklist to help you navigate the steps needed to make sure your honeymoon is planned perfectly and with as little stress as possible.

The secret that staying organized, and we can help you with our honeymoon planning timeline.

The traditional wedding planner timelines offer helpful advice keeping you on schedule for the BIG day but only include a passing mention (usually around 6 months) about honeymoon planning. Destination Wedding Expert’s Honeymoon Planning Timeline is your checklist to planning the perfect honeymoon getaway.

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Download your Honeymoon Planning Checklist for 2021!

11-12 Months Before the big day

✓ Set honeymoon budget

✓Take our Honeymoon Quiz

✓Create your wishlist

✓Research Travel Experts

10 Months Before

✓Airfare published

✓Get honeymoon quote

9 Months Before

✓Book your honeymoon package

✓Start your honeymoon registry

✓Buy trip protection insurance

6 Months Before

✓Apply for, or renew your passport

✓Secure travel visas

✓Get required vaccinations or medical exams

3 Months Before

✓Shop for luggage pieces

✓Find a great camera

✓Take SCUBA lessons online

✓Sign up for language classes

✓Book tours, spa appointments, and/or special dinners

2 Months Before

✓Withdraw honeymoon registry funds

✓Final honeymoon payment due

✓Purchase electrical adapters

✓Contact your Travel Expert

1 Month Before

✓Pick up travel documents

✓Download travel apps

✓Book any last minute tours 

2 Weeks Before

✓Line up your wardrobe

✓Start packing

1 Week Before

✓Get cash & travelers checks

✓Check local weather

1 Day Before

✓Grab travel documents folder

✓Complete online check-in

If you followed our honeymoon planning checklist, you’re well prepared, now ENJOY YOUR HONEYMOON!

If you’re still just feeling overwhelmed with the ALL the planning, we’re here to help. Complete our quick honeymoon quote request and we’ll take away all the stressful planning and give you the honeymoon (or destination wedding) of your dreams!