Marriage Proposal Locations Fit for a Queen

Your marriage proposal is one of the most significant events of your life. As such it should be well thought out so it becomes the memorable occasion that it deserves to be. A marriage proposal should become the story that you and your wife tell friends for years to come.

Will You Marry MeHow do you make it memorable? Special marriage proposal locations combined with a unique way and at an unexpected time will provide a complete surprise to your intended bride.

One of the most special marriage proposal locations imaginable is on a beautiful beach of a Caribbean island. The unexpected time is easy to arrange. The special, unique way you propose requires more thought but help is available as I will explain.

Your marriage proposal could be done at a candlelight dinner on the beach and could include a cake with ‘Will You Marry Me?’ on it. Another idea is to book a beautiful beachfront room and and write ’Will You Marry Me?’in the sand early in the morning.

The options are innumerable.

YS-FallsRecently I saw a couple climbing the beautiful YS Falls in Jamaica. As they were wading through one of the pools along the way, the guy suddenly got down knee in the water and pulled out a ring. Fortunately neither of them dropped it into the water.

Another possibility is to have a plane fly over with a banner saying ‘Mary (or whomever) Will You Marry Me?’.

The Sandals and Beaches resorts have Engagement Coordinators to help the groom plan and create the perfect marriage proposal. They have many ideas and suggestions and can help create a unique experience no matter how complicated or simple it is.

One idea that is gaining popularity is to make the proposal in front of families and friends. Going to a Caribbean destination disguised as a family vacation or perhaps a surprise birthday party for someone in the group would be an ideal time to turn it into a surprise marriage proposal.

Whatever you decide to do for this most special occasion, help is available. Connecting a travel agent who specializes in romantic vacations is the way to get started.

If you’d like suggestions and assistance reviewing marriage proposal locations, I’d be happy to help. Just connect with me and let me know a little about you and your future bride.