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What is a second honeymoon?

updated 10/21/2018 Reunite as a Couple! What is a second honeymoon? It is a romantic vacation for a married couple to celebrate a special event like a wedding anniversary, retirement or milestone birthday. It could also be that you are new empty nesters, or about…

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Bridal Party at Beach Wedding

Symbolic vs Civil Ceremony: Which Is Best For Your Destination Wedding?

I’ve decided to take a few minutes today to address a question that most new destination wedding couples ask as they begin planning their BIG day.  Which is better, a symbolic vs civil ceremony? I wish that I had an easy, straightforward answer to the…

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5 Best Locations to Pop the Question

Are you looking for the perfect place to pop the question? Do you have a dream location for that momentous occasion? I have been very fortunate over the past thirty years to have helped many prospective bridegrooms create special trips to the perfect setting for…

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How To Make A Relationship Last

The beginning of a relationship is so exciting and fun! You cannot wait to share some of the things you have never shared with each other or anyone else for that matter. It is the way you look at that person or he or she…

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