Planning a Destination Wedding

Planning a destination wedding isn’t as hard as you think

There are so many advantages when it comes to planning a destination wedding! Destination weddings can save time in planning, can be more cost-effective, and can provide an ideal location and atmosphere to help make it stress-free! With a destination wedding, you are less likely to have regrets and will have more cherished moments to remember in the long run. Choosing from all-inclusive wedding packages and planning with a wedding travel agent can make all the difference to ensure a worry-free and enjoyable wedding. What is an all-inclusive wedding package, and what should you look for in a wedding destination? Read on to learn more!

Destination weddings can be both affordable and stress-free!

At Destination Wedding Experts, we work with Sandals to help create your dream destination wedding. Sandals has several options available in planning a wedding. From the ceremony to the reception, we help to create a wedding that is personalized according to your tastes and preferences. When you choose an all-inclusive resort wedding package, food, drinks, and activities are all included in the final price! The following is how a customized wedding package is created:

We get to know you.

We schedule a time in which to learn about your ideas, dreams, and preferences. This helps us get to know what type of wedding you want to have and the atmosphere you want to create.

We customize a wedding plan with you.

Once we know what you are looking for in a wedding and/or honeymoon, we work to create with you a customized plan of how it will be and any extra details that should be added. We help you create a wedding that is specific according to your tastes and budget.

We make the arrangements.

Once all the plans and details are set, we begin work on arranging and scheduling all of the plans. You don’t have to worry about planning; we do all the arranging for you. From travel plans to ceremony and reception reservations, we work out all the details!

We are there with you through the whole process

From start to finish, we are there for you to provide support and answer any questions you may have. This is to ensure that you have a stress-free experience and can focus on enjoying the moments leading up to the wedding as well as the wedding itself!

What to know before planning a destination wedding.

There are several key questions and things to consider when looking into planning a destination wedding. The following are a few, great questions to ask yourself in order to find out what is right for you:

  • What type of setting do I want to get married in?

The hardest part of creating a wedding at a beautiful resort is choosing one of the gorgeous settings! Will it be sunset on the beach, an over the water wedding chapel, or a garden gazebo? You will have the assistance of a wedding planner to help you choose such things as your theme and colors, the table setting, menu, cake, flowers, and music. When the big day comes resort staffers will handle all the arrangements. You will not have to act as host and hostess but will instead be free to simply enjoy your special day.

  • At what time of the year do I want the wedding to take place?

Weather is certainly a consideration in choosing an island destination wedding. Although it is warm all year round, the driest months are between February and May.

  • How many people do I want to invite, and what will their accommodations be?

Your guests typically stay at the resort for perhaps three days prior to the wedding and then return home. If they wish to stay longer the two of you may move to a nearby resort to have your honeymoon as a special time for just yourselves. Your guests have the pleasure of enjoying a mini-vacation at a beautiful resort with all of the included food, drinks and activities as they celebrate with you the beginning of your new life together. This is a perfect time to enjoy activities and bond with your family and friends. Eileen specializes in Sandals and Beaches Resorts weddings so you are in good hands with her.

  • What is my wedding budget?

A traditional wedding can be very expensive. Many resorts include complimentary weddings when you book the honeymoon, so all you pay for is the honeymoon. Going to an all-inclusive resort means that your food, drinks and activities are included. You may want to add some things like a private, oceanside, candlelight dinner, a couple’s massage, or a tour off-property, but other than that your expenses are fully paid and you need not worry about your budget. Resorts are constantly coming up with new deals and specials, it can be hard for you to figure out! Luckily, your travel agent keeps up with all of them. They’ll help you decide how to get the most bang for your buck.

  • What details are the most important for me to have in the wedding?

Is there something special you’ve always dreamed of? Everything from the menu, to entertainment, decor and hair and make-up can be customized. Don’t forget to plan the activities you want to do while you’re there, like snorkling, paddle boarding, playing golf, or just spending the day getting pampered in the spa. There are even professional photographers and videographers ready to record your special day. Let your travel agent know and it can all be arranged before you arrive.

Asking yourself these questions can help you figure out what you really want your wedding to look like, as well as what is most important to include within the wedding itself. It will also help in the long run with all the details and arrangements, in which you hope to include in the wedding to make it both memorable and enjoyable! At Destination Wedding Experts, we offer a no-additional cost planning service when you choose an all-inclusive wedding package!

Work With Destination Wedding Travel Agents That Care!

When it comes to planning a destination wedding, you want a team that understands what your needs are and one that will work with you to create your dream wedding. With over thirty years of experience, Destination Wedding Experts works to ensure that your wedding will be stress-free and memorable for years to come! As a Sandals Wedding Moon Platinum Specialist, we work to ensure that you get the wedding and/or honeymoon of your dreams! To get a free quote on a personalized all-inclusive wedding package, contact us! Your perfect destination wedding awaits!

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