Posting on Social Media During Your Honeymoon?

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We’ve all experienced it. Your friend, son, niece, or cousin leaves for the honeymoon with their One-and-Only, their True Love, their Better Half—to celebrate the new marriage, spend time alone as husband and wife, and recharge after all the exhaustion that can accompany planning and throwing a wedding. And then, two possible scenarios can ensue. The first, your social media feeds are flooded the next week with your cousin’s honeymoon status updates and photos. The second, you expectantly log on to Instagram the Tuesday after your friend’s wedding hoping to find beautiful photos of the fabulous Caribbean resort  he was so excited about, only to find nothing new. Perhaps you must wait until the week after their return for the “Honeymoon” photo album to appear on Facebook.

Which scenario is a more accurate depiction of what you most frequently experience? This begs the big question of the day: To post, or not to post on social media while honeymooning?

We searched the hashtag #honeymoon on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and we found that a good number of people are active on social media while honeymooning. Here are just a few examples of Facebook status updates and tweets that included said hashtag:

“Volleyball on the beach #malaysia #honeymoon.”

“What kind of shenanigans can we get ourselves into here in Nashville?  #honeymoon #notoveryet.”

“Can we stay forever!! #mexico #honeymoon”

“We made it to Cape Cod! #honeymoon”

When searching #honeymoon on Instagram, the popular photo-sharing social outlet listed precisely 998,739 posts to browse. Granted, some of those posts could have included the hashtag, “#latergram,” meaning that the photos may have been snapped during the honeymoon and then posted later. Regardless, “honeymoon” is apparently a hot Instagram subject!

We also asked a couple newlyweds about their experience, or lack thereof, with social media during their honeymoons; and we got some interesting insight! Here’s what they had to add to the conversation:

“We went on a cruise to the Bahamas for our honeymoon. The nice thing about going on a cruise was that there was no cell reception. It was really relaxing to turn off our phones for a whole week and not to worry about posting to social media sites. It made our honeymoon more special because it was just the two of us and no other distractions. I did post pictures on Facebook after we got back, and I know our families were happy to be able to see some of the things we enjoyed on our honeymoon.”  Sarah from Columbia, SC

“I was kind of a hater about people posting on Instagram while on their honeymoon before we went on ours, but once we were there, it felt like a normal trip so it didn’t feel weird to post on Instagram. I feel like it’s fine to post on social media once or twice. It’s also nice to have an excuse to unplug, so I didn’t feel the need to update daily, even though we were taking lots of photos!”  Cameron from Greenville, SC

“We went to Jamaica and didn’t have cell reception, but we were very adamant about not using our phones to post to social media anyways. I think there’s definitely a happy medium, and posting isn’t necessarily a bad thing. However, for us, it was about getting a chance to savor those first moments as husband and wife, not about sharing them. This also means I didn’t take many photos either, but I don’t regret that too much. I’m so glad we allowed ourselves to experience our week instead of hiding behind a camera or phone. If I could do it again, I wouldn’t have done it differently!”  Casey from Columbia, SC

With those different viewpoints shared, now it’s your turn, readers! We’d love to hear your opinion on posting on social media during your honeymoon. Is it appropriate to stay active on social media while on your honeymoon, or should you switch the cell phones off and just enjoy each other? Take our poll below and let us know whether your vote is yay or nay!
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