What is a second honeymoon?

Reunite as a Couple!

What is a second honeymoon? It is a romantic vacation for a married couple to celebrate a special event like a wedding anniversary, retirement or milestone birthday. It could also be that you are new empty nesters, or about to welcome a first grandchild. Whatever the occasion, it’s a time to reunite as a couple and enjoy a special time with just the two of you.

Many long-married couples make it a priority to take a honeymoon every few years. It might be just a  long romantic weekend, or a trip to an exotic spot they’ve longed to visit. Some couples even revisit their first honeymoon location to relive the memories of that special time.

Should you renew your vows on your second honeymoon?

A second honeymoon is often combined with a vow renewal ceremony to recommit to each other and openly declare your love once again. Whatever form it takes, a second honeymoon is a time to get away from your day-to-day responsibilities and focus entirely on each other, and your relationship.

Use a second honeymoon to reconnect.

One of the most special second honeymoons is when the children leave home. It’s a uniquely joyous circumstance for many couples that merits a special celebration. Just as your first honeymoon celebrated your marriage and sharing your life together, empty-nesters are are in that same position. You’ve successfully accomplished raising a family, you deserve another honeymoon! It is your time to reconnect just as you did so many years ago.

No matter the occasion, second honeymoons are an important part of your marriage that help you refocus your love and appreciation for each other.

Tips to make the most of your second honeymoon:

  1. Choose an active adventure

    For many newlyweds, the honeymoon is a chance to unwind and relax after the stress of wedding planning, so a relaxing trip full of lounging and spa treatments may be in order. A second honeymoon may be the perfect opportunity to plan a more strenuous, adventurous trip that you may not have had the time or energy for in the earlier years of marriage. Play golf, tennis or learn to SCUBA dive!
  2. Plan for volunteer opportunities. 

    Studies have shown that couples who engage in community service are more likely to stand the test of time. Planning to give back on your second honeymoon will strengthen your relationship and leave a positive impact on your destination.
  3. Choose a more exotic destination.

    Take this opportunity to explore more distant corners of the globe! Seek out more remote vacation spots that you might not have considered for your first honeymoon. For something really unique, check out Sandals overwater bungalows!
  4. Plan for some memorable firsts. 

    Chances are that your first honeymoon was full of its own list of new experiences. Use your second honeymoon as a chance to explore some new unique moments. Plan a hot air balloon ride, take private cooking lessons, or book backstage tickets for a show.
  5. Hire a travel agent!

    Planning a trip can be stressful, especially when traveling to an unfamiliar location and planning memorable excursions. A travel agent can use their extensive knowledge and experience to plan a second honeymoon tailor-made for you and your partner. They know which excursions are worth your time and money, and which to skip. Your travel agent not only plans your trip in advance, but will be available every step of the way to make sure your entire trip goes smoothly.