When Is Best Time To Book Honeymoon? 10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Wait

Why you Should book your Honeymoon Early

When is best time to book honeymoon? Engaged couples ask me this question more than any other. And they’re often surprised by my response in suggesting that it’s best to book your honeymoon 9 to 11 months in advance.

Seriously?? Yes, I know it may appear a little eager but, I suggest that couples book their honeymoon at the same time they book their wedding and reception venues. There are so many advantages to booking your honeymoon earlier than not.

Here are 10 Reasons of Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Book Your Honeymoon.

  1. Best flights –If you want that nonstop flight, or dreaming of an exotic destination, chances are there may only be one flight available. Airlines are cutting schedules and once it’s sold out, you’ll need to be more flexible.
  2. Unique room categories– Love the idea of honeymooning in the super-deluxe-fabulous-penthouse-million dollar view-suite? With only one or two of these rooms available, they sell out first!
  3. Boutique resorts – If an intimate, 12-room resort is your style… remember supply and demand from economics??
  4. More time to pay it off – Most packages require a minimum deposit (some as low as $300) with your final payment not due until 45 days prior to travel. This gives you longer to pay it off… I like to call it Honeymoon Layaway!
  5. Early booking discounts – Most resorts and hotels offer early booking incentives. I’ve seen some couples save 30% on their honeymoon!! Check our Sandals Deals page, or give us a call to find the best deals.
  6. Best availability for destination experiences like excursions, tours, etc. – If you’ve got your heart set on swimming with the dolphins or other adventures it’s best to book these early!!
  7. One more thing to check off your list – Let’s face it planning a wedding is a full-time job, with or without a wedding planner! So booking your honeymoon early will give you one more thing to proudly mark off on your never-ending wedding planning checklist.
  8. Fun to plan – For most looking at photos & videos of tropical islands or exotic destinations is inspiring and exciting, definitely more fun than seating charts
  9. You’re spending way too much time Googling – Trying to figure it all out yourself is exhausting! Using a travel agent is way better than the internet.
  10. More time to brag to your friends that you’re going somewhere fabulous!!

This isn’t the time to wait for a Last Minute Deal

Your honeymoon is one of life’s most memorable vacations, so if you’re holding out for that phantom “last minute deal” or just delaying the tough decision on where to go, you may be disappointed by waiting. Early is always the best time to book your honeymoon!

We’re here to help you face your fears, navigate the overwhelming number of options out there, and make those difficult honeymoon choices. You could also save yourself a lot of headaches and get married on your honeymoon! Ask us about our stress free all-inclusive wedding packages. Whether you want a honeymoon or a destination wedding is up to you; Submit a no-obligation honeymoon package request and let’s talk about your honeymoon wishes.